Real anger after Moscow bankruptcy: „Kroos made a stupidity“

After the surprising 1-0 defeat at ZSKA Moscow and the third consecutive match without a win, the mood at Real Madrid is threatening to slowly change. The press has made it clear who are to blame for the defeat in the Champions League: world champion Toni Kroos.

In the first minute of the match, the international made a hair-raising mistake: Kroos plays a return pass in his own half, which Moscow’s Nikola Vlasic intercepts and turns ice-cold into a 1-0 win for the Russians.

„El Confidencial“ said: Coach Julen Lopetegui is not to blame for Kroos doing a stupid thing in the first minute, when he played the ball backwards, because he went into the game without tension. If the most reliable player in the team in terms of passes, and the one with the best foot and the best precision, starts to make mistakes, that’s very bad news.“

The „Marca“ also goes to court with Kroos: „Real was the victim of a mistake by Kroos, unworthy of his quality and experience. He went into the game so cold that he made a mistake that was unusual for him. He then tried to redeem himself unsuccessfully. It was Toni’s worst mistake. He is usually a watch, thanks to his precision and reliability. Since he joined Real Madrid, he has never been seen to make such a big mistake.“ The „AS“ writes: „Kroos, who had a career because of his passing quota, gave the first pass to Vlasic. A suicidal manoeuvre that confused Real. A goal that changed everything.“

Even if the Kroos mistake was an individual mistake, the unrest in the club is increasing. Last week’s city derby against Atlético ended 0-0, Real had previously conceded a bitter 3-0 defeat at FC Sevilla. Real Madrid have been without a win for three games now. In addition, the reigning Champions League winner has been without a goal for five hours and 19 minutes. The last time the royals failed to score in three consecutive games was under coach Fabio Capello in 2006/07.

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Real are equal on points with FC Barcelona to lead the Primera Division table. However, it is unmistakable that the club is in the midst of one of the biggest upheavals of recent years. The successful coach Zinedine Zidane, who won the Champions League three times in a row, was followed by Julen Lopetegui at the start of the season. The Spaniard has yet to prove that he can fill the huge footsteps of his predecessor.

In addition, there is the loss of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese changed to Juventus Turin in the summer. He is immensely missed in the club. Real professional Keylos Navas said of his former team-mate: „Cristiano has set the bar high. That’s no secret. You can’t cover the sun with one finger.“ Many construction sites with the royals who are still searching for their new identity. Slots Cafe like any other online casino sites, they also have various of games to choose from.